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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."


 Maya Angelou 


Founder & CEO

Certified Holistic Birth | Postpartum Doula | Baby Whisperer

Certified Meditation Coach | Soul Coach | Inspirational Speaker | Story-Teller | Witness



Teresa is dedicated to helping people move from a sense of being stuck in the quicksand of existence to living their BEST life in REAL life. She believes in coaching to the SOUL - not the goal and understands that she has a special way of guiding people through the process. Teresa's "Areas of Excellence" are in accountability, communication, health & wellness, relationships, self-discovery and self-care. Whether in a professional setting or with another customer in the grocery store line, Teresa, with her welcoming smile, inviting demeanor, friendly approach and “real talk” style, easily connects with everyone she meets. When she found herself laid off from a job she loved - the third time in as many jobs – she again began to ask herself what her life’s purpose was. It was at that point she realized it was time to turn her pain into a purpose with a passion! Three seemingly random encounters in one week was all the confirmation she needed to start on her new journey. It was time to activate that "thing" that she knew she had but never had the confidence to pursue. It was only after she learned to surrender her fears, release her past, embrace her present and allow her future that it began to come together. Through her daily meditation practice, her path became clearer and easier to follow. She understands that she has a special way of guiding people to CONSCIOUSLY think about how they think.

Long before she know what the official name was for what she was doing, Teresa has been providing "Doula" services for family and friends. More than three decades ago, Teresa began providing Postpartum Care for her sister after she delivered a premature baby. Teresa lovingly provided home care for her sister and her new niece once she was home from the NICU. She did the same after the birth of her sister's second premature daughter. Since then, Teresa has attended many births as the "always calm, cool and collected friend with the voice that soothes the angels". Little did she know this love and support was where he heart yearned to be. After many years working in various roles, she found herself being called to her passion.    

Teresa is the Founder and CEO of The Worthy Woman Initiative, Inc. The non-profit organization was created to provide women a safe space to discover, develop, explore, and embrace their self-defined value, then add it to the world. She is the host of "Peaceful Soul - Peaceful Life", a podcast she started to provide the worldwide "Sister-Hood" a place for "grown women to share and talk about things grown women NEED to talk about."

Teresa, affectionately known as Suga Mama, is the biological mother of three and the "adopted" mother and grandmother to many. Her naturally nurturing spirit often draws those in need of a special kind of love. She became known as "The Baby Whisper" because of her ability to soothe any baby no matter how fussy.

Along with her husband, youngest son and two dogs, Teresa resides in Palmetto, GA, where she also serves on the City Council. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoys making vegan food look beautiful and taste amazing! 

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