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What our clients are saying

Working with Teresa Smith from Peaceful Soul Life Coaching has been a life changer for me! I have discovered a self-confidence I never knew I had. I am living my life with a purpose!!

Stefanie D.

Teresa is an outstanding coach & an inspiring leader! She’s truly a “Hope Dealer!” She makes her clients feel comfortable, grounded & cared for by her warm & caring presence.

Teresa is one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever met. She has a way of easing into her client’s heart and helping them see everything with a new perspective. Her heart centered approach towards life & people and her HUGS make Teresa an extraordinary coach and friend.

I’m simply honored and grateful to have met someone as wonderful as Teresa!


All I can say is THE SILENCE!! I had no idea how POWERFUL just sitting quietly can be. When I first started with Teresa, I would just talk and ramble on about literally everything. She never stopped me. She just sat silently listening. When I would stop long enough for her to get a word in, she would ask me the most thought-provoking questions! In the beginning it would blow my mind. Now I not only anticipate it, I allow myself to be still enough to hear myself and sometimes answer my own questions! It's amazing. When she had me to stop, take some deep breaths and get quiet within I was feeling some kind of way. Long silence is usually awkward. Not with's refreshing and deep at the same time!


Ms. Teresa is so intuitive. She knows exactly what I am thinking even when I am not saying anything. Her presence is gentle and caring and the way she looks at you is like a truth serum. She makes me think not just when we are together, but all of the time now. I swear I hear her asking me questions when I get ready to do something! I feel better about my decision. and where my life is going.        


Teresa Smith has been my personal gentle warrior, fighting for the “me” that I didn’t know I was. She believed in me before I could even believe in myself. I was in such an empty place. I thought I needed counseling until a friend suggested coaching. I thought it was all hype since everyone calls themselves a "life coach" now. What a game changer! Since working with Teresa I think so much positive and clearer. My life is making sense. I used to fear my future. Now I look forward to it.  I meditate and write in my journal every day and I love it! Coaching has made me so much more likable. Everyone around me can see it! My relationships are getting better. I have hope again!          


HAPPY – POSITIVE – COOL AS A FAN - REAL! That is how I describe Teresa Smith from Peaceful Soul Life Coaching. When she speaks I can’t help but listen. She commands my attention and motivates me to move, even when she is just saying hello! There is such a peace about her it makes you want to be around her all the time. She has helped me work on things I needed to do to get my family back in my life. I will appreciate that forever.    

Mark R.

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