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January Self-Care Journey

In January, we’re just beginning the journey into winter. Much of nature has gone dormant and we just want to curl up and hibernate. Now that all of the hustle of the holidays is behind us– after all of the food, festivities, parties, and holiday decorations are packed up–it’s time to coast into the new year. Self-care will likely never feel so necessary. It's a great time to instill some calmness into your life.

The next time you have to face something difficult, pause and connect with your breath to usher in a calm feeling. Our brains receive significantly more oxygen when we consciously switch to slow, rhythmic breathing. Instead of doubting your ability to handle the matter at hand, you’ll immediately notice you feel more clear-headed and alert. Give yourself permission to stop and get centered. Allow yourself to take a few moments to sit quietly, breathe slowly, and welcome the calmness to take over. Even short sessions are extremely beneficial. In your solitude, you can find everything you need in the moment.

What are your self-care intentions for the month of January? Write as many as you like in your journal. Be sure they are written in the first person and start with “This month/today, I intend to…” The more specific your statements of intention are, the more precise you can be in creating the roadmap to make it a reality.

Do a daily check-in to make sure you are honoring your practice. Look into the mirror and make the statements to your being and more importantly, your soul. State them as often as you think of them during the day.

If you complete an act of self-care, be sure to note it in your daily journal and/or in your gratitude journal. Download a guided self-care journal with tips to instill calmness for the next four weeks.

Tips to Instill Calmness_January 2022
Download PDF • 211KB

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