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Image by Brandy Kennedy



Teresa Smith is a dynamic leader, speaker, and coach who is passionate about empowering women to lead with grace, compassion, and authenticity. She prioritizes her clients well-being so that women can become more effective leaders and create thriving workplaces.


Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Mrs. Smith is a lifelong learner who is committed to her own growth and development, Located in Atlanta, GA where Teresa provides a safe and supportive environment for women to explore their strengths and develop their leadership skills.



Wellness Retreats

Through intentional coaching and training programs Teresa has helped countless individuals to overcome imposter syndrome, communicate with confidence and clarity, build strong relationships, and achieve their goals.


A Little About Teresa

Teresa is passionate about helping women overcome imposter syndrome and embrace their true selves. She knows that showing up as an authentic self can be challenging, particularly for women in leadership roles.

Teresa Smith has been my personal gentle warrior, fighting for the “me” that I didn’t know I was. She believed in me before I could even believe in myself. I was in such an empty place. I thought I needed counseling until a friend suggested coaching. I thought it was all hype since everyone calls themselves a "life coach" now. What a game changer! Since working with Teresa I think so much positive and clearer. My life is making sense. I used to fear my future. Now I look forward to it.  I meditate and write in my journal every day and I love it! Coaching has made me so much more likable. Everyone around me can see it! My relationships are getting better. I have hope again!   


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